Training and Awareness

Society, including commercial entities, are currently facing a dynamic shift to a new norm where terrorist and criminal threats pose a risk to life and our way of life. Employees and third-party contractors can unwittingly pose a major threat to the security of an organisation by falling victim to even simple traps. Human error alone creates a whole school of cybercrime opportunities such as phishing, watering hole attacks and other social engineering tactics. These threats don’t necessarily rely on sophisticated malware or technical vulnerabilities, but rather the psychology and behaviour of people. Even without a malicious actor involved, an uneducated or careless employee or an overcomplicated procedure can result in data breaches or even terror attacks!

Our training system addresses these risks, both the causes and effects. Designed from experience, best practice and evidence, our training system empowers individuals and companies to face crises of any nature with situational awareness, decision making and response skills.

The benefits of improved situational awareness and decision making transcend emergencies while the response element prevents harm, and provides the means to treat any harm in a safe practical and simplified manner for the seconds that count in the minutes before professional help arrives.

Our training systems have been delivered globally to Fortune 500 companies, International Defence Alliances, Military Units, Law Enforcement Agencies in the U.K. and Europe, and National Sports Teams.

As a solution, our system provides a focused needs assessment, current system testing, in-house training and equipment supply, with ongoing support. It is ideally suited to the static or mobile workforce, customer care, brand protection and community social responsibilities and is delivered by a professional team encompassing former UK Special Forces Counter Terrorism Operators, Law Enforcement Advisors, Specialists in Human Behaviour and High Threat Environment Medical Providers.


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