About Us - The Whole Force Approach

The iFORCE lead team has a wealth of experience, with over 100 collective years of service within the Special Forces and Intelligence Services arena. In addition, a comprehensive global network of experts within their specific field or industry are within immediate reach to assist, provide advice, design solutions or deliver effect as required. In instances where competitors are met with a seemingly impenetrable barrier, iFORCE possesses an impressive array of techniques and abilities to rapidly innovate to create a bespoke solution.

iFORCE can and will exploit every conceivable opportunity, irrespective of its relative or perceived link to a client’s proprietary information. The diversity, experience and arsenal of capabilities that we have at our disposal, can overmatch even the most capable adversaries.

Typically, our clients are those who believe that they have sufficient security controls in place, but our approach highlights where undetected vulnerabilities exist. No single risk can be mitigated in isolation. To successfully ward against the range of methods employed and deployed by attackers, protection against all must be conducted in parallel rather than sequence and therefore iFORCE designs and delivers ‘The Whole Force’ approach.

This methodology considers, physical & techno physical, cyber and the human elements. Our security experts help our clients protect their data, assets and staff from real world threats and attack. As the threat evolves, so too must our approach to identifying and eradicating vulnerabilities. The diversity of tools, techniques and capabilities that have yet to be designed and implemented will grow exponentially. We too must therefore consider, develop and utilise the next generation of innovative ‘Grey Space’ concepts, to remain at the forefront of the fight against the unseen enemy.

iFORCE is able to quickly assimilate new practices and implement them quickly and effectively. We possess unique links into closed community developers that are equipped to rapidly produce open source capability, to in turn furnish our operatives with the level of discreet and surreptitious tools that can and will be used by the protagonists that we aim to defeat.

Ultimately, iFORCE will help you to continuously identify and mitigate risk. We will provide expert advice which enables our clients to manage their business, staff and third-party suppliers more effectively and efficiently. We design and implement robust training programmes and procedures that protect people, assets and data from terror incidents and cyber criminals. Our operatives are all ex British Special Forces and Intelligence Services - a generic security company will not be able to match this pedigree!

But this is only half the story - iFORCE can also help you to reduce costs, such as insurance premiums and the ability to operate due to robust business continuity. In some cases the ‘Whole Force’ can also be utilised by sales and marketing departments to drive additional revenue.

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