360 Degree Penetration Tests

Expose and Eradicate Your Vulnerabilities

We provide Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Assessments to identify cyber security vulnerabilities and risks, and provide recommendations to ensure our customer’s IT infrastructure and systems are fully secure and compliant.

No single risk can be mitigated in isolation

Addressing your risks sequentially sets you up for failure. We help you provide protection against all threats by testing your defences in parallel.

As threats evolves, so does our approach to identifying and eradicating vulnerabilities. We help you to consider, develop, and deploy the next generation of innovative ‘Grey Space’ concepts, to remain at the forefront of the fight against the unseen enemy.

We’ve seen it all

Our experts have helped a wide range of companies, governments and agencies create custom services to address their most pressing issues. Every engagement starts by identifying the assets and initiatives that are most important to your organisation. We then apply our unparalleled experience and technical resources to assess and improve your cybersecurity in support of your mission.

iFORCE has the capacity and capability to test both physical and virtual routes to mission critical assets. We can create a shell that will envelope, probe, snipe and evade vulnerabilities. From start to finish, we protect your vital data, so you can sleep better at night.

We can:

  • Exploit physical, digital and human weaknesses in alarm systems and remote access control measures using bespoke ‘code reveal’ technology and short-range RFID ‘code grabbing’ organic substitute card cloning including graphic authentication
  • Organically utilise the leading mobile device exploitation tools to easily bypass pattern, password or PIN locks and overcome encryption challenges
  • Perform forensically sound advanced logical, file system and physical extractions of intact and deleted data from an unparalleled variety of digital devices with exclusive automatic EDL capability, physical decrypting boot loader, smart ADB and other recovery methods
  • Access live, hidden and even deleted data from smart phones, feature phones, tablets, GPS devices, SIM cards, smart watches, mass storage systems, drones and more
  • Exploit Windows, Linux and Mac systems
  • Employ commercial and bespoke software to allow remote access and penetration for off-site exploitation and deploy inline and buried (Covert/Passive) key loggers to capture user input data and password recovery

iFORCE is an iSYSTEMS company