Techno Physical Security and Covert Access

iFORCE possesses unprecedented, world leading capability with reach into closed communities that are developing cutting edge defeat systems for physical barriers that are at the very forefront of defensive measures.

We can:

  • Exploit physical, digital and human weaknesses in alarm systems and remote access control measures using bespoke ‘code reveal’ technology and short-range RFID ‘code grabbing’ organic substitute card cloning including graphic authentication
  • Organically utilise the leading mobile device exploitation tools to easily bypass pattern, password or PIN locks and overcome encryption challenges
  • Perform forensically sound advanced logical, file system and physical extractions of intact and deleted data from an unparalleled variety of digital devices with exclusive automatic EDL capability, physical decrypting boot loader, smart ADB and other recovery methods
  • Access live, hidden and even deleted data from smart phones, feature phones, tablets, GPS devices, SIM cards, smart watches, mass storage systems, drones and more
  • Exploit Windows, Linux and Mac systems
  • Employ commercial and bespoke software to allow remote access and penetration for off-site exploitation and deploy inline and buried (Covert/Passive) key loggers to capture user input data and password recovery

iFORCE has extensive Social Engineering capability. Technologically, we are well equipped to plan, lead and conduct these attacks, be that spoofing calls, understanding workforce dynamics, traits, habits and weaknesses, or enabling access through coercion. Our operatives have extensive experience in carrying out detailed assessments, audits and penetration tests. We work closely with our clients chosen stakeholders and stay within agreed parameters. All our services are geared to our client’s individual needs.

Tests can range from a specific item of security such as reviewing access control to a full building penetration test incorporating complex social engineering techniques. iFORCE operatives possess the capability to breach all physical barriers to access. This in turn enables us to review the current controls and procedures in place and highlight undetected vulnerabilities by mirroring what the ‘bad guys’ would find and exploit.

Our approach will ensure that our clients are taken from a vulnerable to a fully documented secure state, with continuous improvement and review.


iFORCE is an iSYSTEMS company