Our Services - Overview

iFORCE protects organisations from the next wave of attack methodology and practice. All operatives are ex Special Forces and Intelligence services, operationally validated globally in non-permissive, high threat environments. The team is comprised of individuals that have developed niche skills over many years and have conducted Operational Penetration Tests on behalf of Governments both nationally and internationally, in the global war on terror. We can covertly bypass every technical/physical measure that has been developed to protect networks and servers.

Our core services range from protection from physical and cyber-attack, next generation penetration tests and tailored Major Incident training and awareness packages. iFORCE can and will exploit every conceivable opportunity, irrespective of its relative or perceived link to a client’s proprietary information. The diversity, experience and arsenal of capabilities that we have at our disposal, can overmatch even the most capable adversaries. Our Security Experts will help you to protect your data and assets – human, physical and reputational - from real world threats and attack. Typically, our clients are those who believe that they have sufficient security measures in place. However, our approach highlights where undetected vulnerabilities exist within the human, physical and cyber realms. No one single risk can be mitigated in isolation. To successfully ward against the plethora of methods employed and deployed by attackers, protection against all must be conducted in parallel rather than in sequence.

The areas that we focus on are:

iFORCE is an iSYSTEMS company