Major Incident Training and Awareness Packages

  • What would happen if a terrorist cell stormed your reception area right now and took over some of your floors? What would you do?
  • Can you afford to risk losing any of your staff in a terrorist attack?
  • Are you able to sustain the trauma and aftershock of such an event in your business?
  • Have you sufficiently prepared your people for such an event?

The iFORCE Major Incident training package is a comprehensive program, designed to significantly enhance your ability to react to a major terrorist attack.

The iFORCE team is drawn from Special Forces and intelligence communities. We know how a terrorist cell would organise themselves, and will train your staff on defensive techniques such as how to deal with gun and knife attacks, how to administer combat level life-saving techniques and how to escape or the best way to build strongholds.

We’ll also make the day fun and incorporate team-building exercises to bring your teams closer together. 

 Our course is designed to broaden your knowledge of terror attacks, firstly by understanding the Modus Operandi and intent of would be attackers, how and why are they motivated to commit such atrocities? We will also learn of the United Kingdom Counter Terrorist construct. How do they respond, how quickly can they react to live incidents as they unfold and develop? How would you respond today and how will you respond dynamically after your training? You will be equipped with a working practical knowledge of transferable life preserving techniques and procedures. You will understand the common resultant mechanisms of injury, how to quickly and accurately ascertain and triage injuries and how to apply immediate first aid, using proven procedures to significantly reduce catastrophic blood loss to sustain life in the ‘golden hour’.

You will also learn how to construct and adopt defensive positions if all other means of escape are denied to you. You will learn how to use technologies to provide early warning and situational awareness of marauding attackers, use subterfuge to deter active shooters and how to employ evasive behaviors. We will provide you with the knowledge to rapidly assess and identify strongholds, reduce ‘fatal funnels’ and calculate material compositions and defence in depth to reduce the penetrative effect of projectiles and further risk to life.

We will study the physiological and mental human reaction to intense and uncomfortable situations; the ‘fight, flight, freeze or fawn’ paradigm. We will examine coping strategies and precursor actions that can be taken to best prepare you and your colleagues to manage high intensity situations, developing the cognizance to assimilate the scenario and make dynamic decisions under immense pressure. We will also consider basic disarmament techniques. How to apply overwhelming force ratios, re-purpose office and workplace equipment, rapidly calculating risk to tilt the advantage in your favour both defensively and offensively.

iFORCE is an iSYSTEMS company