Incident Response, Cyber Forensics and Threat Hunting

Be prepared for anything

A critical part of your post cyber-attack Incident Response process is a Digital Forensic Analysis. A DFA is essential for both recovery and legal purposes as its main aim is to identify the root of the problem.

Time is everything

Speed is paramount because the recovery phase for the duration for evidential reasons, is effectively put on hold. Work with a partner who gets it.

The iFORCE team has extensive experience in digital forensics to investigate cyber-attacks such as ransomware, phishing, DoS attacks etc. Conducting computer forensic investigations requires standards that will stand up to cross-examination in court. This includes acquiring data in a forensic manner, analysing data using court-accepted forensic tools, searching in the collected data to find evidence and present the findings in court with an official report.

During the forensic examination, iFORCE will search for evidence specified within the scope of the victim organisation or based on our recommendations dictated by the extent of compromise.

Every attack is different. Depending on what actions the victim’s organisations carried out upon initial identification, we’ll also determine depth of what we need to analyse. 

Threat Hunting and Intelligence is an active defence strategy consisting of searching iteratively through networks to detect indicators of compromise (IOCs), discover data leaks and threats such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) evading your existing security system.

Our specialists proactively track, intercept and eliminate adversaries residing in a network as early as possible to prevent damage, and reduce the time taken to detect a hidden threat, or reactively during a cyber-attack incident response or post recovery looking for signs of reinfection.   

Work with a true partner

Utilising an arsenal of next generation tools, our experts continuously monitor networks 24/7. By routinely collecting logs from IT and security systems and cross-checking them against existing data we look out for indicators of compromise, our experts can identify the correct course of action according to the incident. Don’t leave it to chance. See how we can prepare your response plan and take all necessary measures to prevent future attacks.

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